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Meet Dr. van Spronsen

Dr. Christine van Spronsen graduated from Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1981. Shortly after graduation being a self-proclaimed cold weather wimp she moved west to perpetual sunshine. Dr. van Spronsen practiced in the Los Angeles area for 15 years before purchasing College Animal Hospital and moving down to San Diego. Currently she is owned by one dog, three hospital cats, and three household cats. The choice of having one dog is because he does not want to share her, and they have loads of fun together. Cats being cats...enough said, and that's why she loves them.

Thum-B - Head Receptionist

Our staff is very small and we try to make sure each employee is cross trained to help all of our clients. We answer the phone with a live person and use an answering machine only if we temporarily cannot get to the phone and for after hours.


Lily- Office Supervisor

We still use paper because we want to be able to access your pet's medical records without a computer glitch, power outage or computer virus invasion keeping us from the information.


Max- Training Coordinator

To ensure that each pet patient is treated kindly and professionally, we use Max's expertise to ensure that all of our employees have the opportunity to learn. He trains the staff on proper nail trim techniques, restraint, bathing, injection techniques, blood draws,and overall care. (And he does this all for 3 jerky treats and one Nubbie bone per day.)


Klaus von Count- Head of Security

"Go ahead, make my day". . . . . . .



Albert- Quality Control

We always want to produce quality work and provide quality products.  Albert can "pop" out of anywhere for a "spot inspection" to ensure that the work is done up to expected standards.


Baron von Whiskers and Rex Fuzzy Bottom- Interns

We can hardly wait until these two can join the working team. But for now they work in the entertainment department.


Cleo- Product Tester

We do not jump on any product's bandwagon until we are reasonably sure that it will do as claimed. We carry products that we believe that work. However we are willing to provide you with a written prescriptions for products that we do not carry and feel will not hurt your pet.


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