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Our veterinary home welcomes your family! 

All of our Doctors are fully trained to handle any situation you may have with your pet. 

Our Services Include :


Care for your companion

Our doctors stay current with all the latest veterinary innovations to ensure your pet receives the best care. 

At College Animal Hospital, we recommend thorough routine wellness exams, regular lab work, vaccinations when needed, deworming and fecal checks, as well as medications to prevent heartworm, fleas and ticks if your animal is at risk.

Most of the tests we offer at College Animal Hospital can be done during your pet’s regular exam. This is our chance to get to know your pet, to assess your pet’s overall health, discuss any changes we see, update you on advancements in veterinary care, and for you to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.

Everyone knows that pets age faster than we do. But what does that really mean for our furry family members? It means that diseases and illnesses develop and progress far more rapidly in our animal companions than in people. As our pet’s caretakers, we must be attentive to their aging and help them age comfortably and gracefully.

At College Animal Hospital we specialize in complete care for your pet.

Here are some recommendations to help you keep your pet healthy:

Keep up with yearly check-ups

  • Annual exams provide an excellent opportunity to conduct a thorough physical examination and develop a health profile for your pet.
  • It is a great time to discuss behavior, habits, diet, appetite, exercise and activity.
  • During your physical some of the things we will evaluate are:
    • Joints, gait, and arthritis pain
    • Muscle mass, body weight
    • Assess heart and lung health
    • Address dental disease and oral infections
    • Scan for skin tumors and evaluate them to catch cancers early
    • Vision and screen for glaucoma if necessary
    • Evaluate neurologic function and mentation
    • Palpate the abdomen and all lymph nodes
  • This is also a great time to discuss any concerns and answer all of your questions. Subtle changes caught early can help detect and treat health issues before they progress.

We may also recommend to check annual blood work to screen for abnormalities and monitor changes

  • Blood Chemistry
    • Monitors liver enzymes, kidney values, electrolytes, blood sugar, triglycerides, proteins, etc.
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) 
    • Monitors red and white blood cells and platelets
  • Urinalysis 
    • Detects protein in urine, urine concentration, crystals, infections, cancers
  • Thyroid values
    • Many pets will develop thyroid disorders – diagnosing and treating these early will prevent metabolic problems

Monitor for weight loss, increased drinking, exercise intolerance -these can be early indications of disease

Maintain Appropriate Body Weight

  • Obesity worsens arthritis and puts our pets at risk for diabetes and other diseases.
  • We will evaluate your pet’s ideal weight and advise you on the right high quality foods and exercise plans to keep your pet trim.

Assist in Ability to Maintain Regular Activity

  • Consistent activity keeps our dogs physically and mentally healthier.
  • We want to keep your dog visiting Dog Beach!

Our pets are our best friends. At College Animal Hospital we want to help you keep your pets happy, healthy, and active.

General Surgery

All of our doctors are highly skilled and experienced in veterinary surgery. They have undergone rigorous training and have a wide range of surgical experience. 

We offer surgical consults daily to fully evaluate your pet  answer any and all questions. We strive to ensure that any concerns regarding your pet's surgery are answered in detail. It is important to us that you understand why we are recommending the procedure, the procedure itself, and any specific post operative care.

General Dentistry 


Periodontal disease is a serious concern for the general well-being of our pets. Animals naturally hide pain from us  - and they have twice as many nerve fibers in their teeth than people have. 

Many animals live with severe, even life threatening, dental disease show minimal to no symptoms of discomfort or disease at all. 

We perform dental procedures under full anesthesia to ensure maximum comfort for your pet and a complete examination of the entire mouth.  We ultrasonically clean and polish all of the teeth  and preform extractions only when necessary to ensure a healthy mouth. 

Plaque will start to build up just 24 hours after a dental cleaning or tooth brushing. Plaque is the film on teeth when they are not brushed that, over time, will form into tartar or calculus. If plaque is not removed, it generates a biofilm. The biofilm is made up of millions of bacteria. This is what causes gingivitis, infections, periodontal disease, and abscesses in people and our pets.


Flea Products / Heartworm Preventative

In the war against the fleas, new products are constantly arriving on the flea control market.  We work hard to decide on the products that we feel are the most likely to be effective.  (We also have limited shelf space, so we cannot carry all the products that may be as effective as the ones we choose.)  We strongly recommend heartworm preventative for all dogs.  Confirmed negative dogs via heartworm test required.  Currently we carry:

Comfortis -- Oral once a month flea preventative  OR  Trifexis -- Oral once a month flea and heartworm preventative

NexGard -- Oral once a month flea and tick preventative;  +/- Heartgard -- monthly oral heartworm preventative   

Cheristin -- Topical flea preventative for cats

Prescription Diets

Disease/Condition directed diets -- We work with Royal Canin prescription diet.  Due to lack of shelf space, we carry mostly special order products for our clients.

(We are directed by law to establish a patient/doctor relationship in order to sell prescription diets)

After Hours / Emergency Services

If you have an emergency in the evening or on the weekend - we refer to our sister hospital: San Diego Bay Animal Hospital. Check out their website at http://www.sandiegobayanimalhospital.com

Phone: 619-481-3007    ** call for an appointment or if you have an emergency. 

They are an afforadable, high quality emergency and surgical center. 


College Animal Hospital  is proud to offer Military and Student Discounts --- ID required.  We participate in the complimentary exam from the San Diego Humane Society and San Diego Animal Control. These exams must be completed within 7 days of the adoption.  Please mention the free adoption exam at the time of scheduling your appointment and bring your adoption papers to your visit.


We strive to provide compassionate, complete care for our patients. Learn more about all the services we provide.
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