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We're pleased to offer the following services at College Animal Hospital

Preventative Care

Vaccinations -- We believe in vaccinations that are based on your pet's lifestyle, special needs, and what is required by law.

Physical Exams -- Our physical exams try to be as complete as possible (if your pet allows it).  We find it important to know what is normal for your pet when he/she is healthy.

Weights -- We like to weigh your pet regularly.  Uncharacteristic changes is weight are often the first sign of disease or problems.

General Medicine

Diagnostic Exams -- For medical issues, we perform the physical exam, but we will focus on the potential problem.  The exam is usually the first step toward the diagnosis.

Bloodwork -- We usually send our bloodwork to a professional veterinary diagnostic laboratory.  This allows an additional layer of professional input from the board certified specialist at the laboratory.  We can do some in house labwork for pre-operative panels and certain medical conditions.

Radiographs (X-Rays) -- For initial evaluation we can do x-rays to aid in the diagnosis.

General Surgery

Spay/Neuter -- We do spays and neuters on dogs and cats only.

Other Surgical Procedures -- We do mass removals, lacerations (cuts), infection cleaning, foreign body (foxtail) removal, and other procedures.  We care deeply about providing the best care for your pet.  There are some surgical procedures that we cannot and will not perform.  In those instances we will refer you to board certified surgeons or specialist to ensure the best outcome of the situation. 

General Dentistry 

Dental cleaning -- We perform dental procedures under a full anesthetic to ensure maximum comfort for your pet, and a complete examination of the entire mouth.  We use ultrasonic cleaning and then polishing as the dental procedure.   

Extractions -- We can perform extractions as needed to ensure a healthy mouth.

Minor Oral Surgery -- These procedures usually involve gum mass removal, foxtail check, and/or lacerations (cuts). 

(Unfortunately at this time we cannot provide dental x-rays.)

Flea Products / Heartworm Preventative

In the war against the fleas, new products are constantly arriving on the flea control market.  We work hard to decide on the products that we feel are the most likely to be effective.  (We also have limited shelf space, so we cannot carry all the products that may be as effective as the ones we choose.)  We strongly recommend heartworm preventative for all dogs.  Confirmed negative dogs via heartworm test required.  Currently we carry:

Comfortis -- Oral once a month flea preventative

NexGard -- Oral once a month flea and tick preventative

Cheristin -- Topical flea preventative for cats

Sentinel -- Monthly heartworm preventative and flea birth control.  (treated fleas do not die, but are incapable of reproducing).

Interceptor -- Monthly heartworm preventative 

Prescription Diets

Disease/Condition directed diets -- We work with Hill's, Royal Canin, Iams, and Purina prescription diets.  Due to lack of shelf space, we carry mostly special order products for our clients.

(We are directed by law to establish a patient/doctor relationship in order to sell prescription diets)



We prefer appointments to keep your wait time at a minimum. Walk ins will be accommodated as best as possible.

After Hour / Emergency Services

We refer to the 24 hour emergency hospitals in our area to provide you and your pet quality care  at any time of the day, any day of the week. (The 2 centers closest to us are The Pet Emergency Speciality Center in La Mesa 619-462-4800 and VCA Emergency Animal Hospital and Referral Center in Mission Valley 619-299-2400. Their website links are located in the veterinary resources section of this website.)

Types of Pets Seen

There is one doctor  at College Animal Hospital, so we can care for family members that are:



College Animal Hospital offers discounted services to certified service dogs, (documentation may be requested).  We participate in the complimentary exam from the San Diego Humane Society and San Diego Animal Control. These exams must be completed within 7 days of the adoption.  Please mention the free adoption exam at the time of scheduling your appointment and bring your adoption papers to your visit.


We strive to provide complete care for our patients. Learn more about all the services we provide.
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